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TEUH – The European-Ukrainian Hub
Announcement of the desired purchase

General information

Title of the announcement: TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub - Marketing

Advertiser: TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub, IVÆKST ApS, Alhambravej 3, 1826 Frederiksberg C

Date: 12.02.2024
Deadline: 26.02.2024 at. 12.00 noon (ATT: deadline has been extended from 19.02.2024)

Contact person / information:
Andreas Dahl Lauritzen
tel. +45 27505725

Please submit all questions in writing for the sake of documentation.

TEUH - The European Ukrainian Hub is a national entrepreneur project running from December 2023- July
2024. Through this period of time, the goal is to educate and improve the entrepreneurial skills of more
than 1.000 Ukrainians residing in Denmark.

The task:

We TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub are looking for a content creation and graphical partner to help
with our marketing efforts until 30/6-24

The content creation includes:

  • Creating success stories (incl. photos and short interviews of 15-20 sentences) of 20 participants.
  • Cooperating with Ukrainian bloggers in Denmark - agree with them on at least 4 partner projects
    (interview, post, video, ad) - aiming at mobilizing people through their channels.
  • Creating at least 10 SEO-friendly posts/articles for “Our news” in English: about big events in the
    hub (+ photos, reels for SoMe), about the team, about the opportunities provided by the hub.
  • Creating and targeting up to 10 Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Creating announcements for workshops, courses, incubators.
  • Creating emails with announcements - every week.
  • Create 10 templates in required sizes for the hub website and platform (4 sizes).
  • Create 10 templates for announcing workshops, courses, and events.
  • Create a template for a certificate of participation in the Hub courses.
  • Templates of the first and last slides for videos.
  • 4 promo videos: a place for co-working and hangout, a venue for your events, a hub with workshops
    and courses for entrepreneurs, a video about the hub in general.
  • Streaming of big events (with at least 3 week notice from our side).
  • 2 one-minute videos (reels) after the big events (up to 10 until 31/07).
  • Interviews with up to 10 Ukrainian entrepreneurs (we will provide the contacts) for 3 or 5-min
  • Professional photos of the big events (up to 10 events).

We expect the supplier to undertake the role as a supplier, but work as a teammate in close collaboration
with employees of The European-Ukrainian Hub.

It is a requirement that suppliers can develop, organise, and create content based on high professional skills
and experience. This includes the ability to produce quality content that creates high returns for the target
group (Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Denmark).

The offer must include one overall price for the task as presented here. The price must include all costs
associated with the development, organisation and creation of content - e.g. preparation time, driving,
transport, materials, diets etc. It must be clearly stated in the offer what is expected of costs in connection
to content creation and what is expected of costs for transport, meals, and accommodation. Furthermore, it
is a requirement that the budget line clearly states what is spent on material, advertising, and human

1. General requirements for content creation:

  • Workshops are expected to be held during the evening, and potentially on weekends which is why
    the supplier should be able to show flexibility for this.
  • The supplier must provide the information about the content creator(s) and show portfolio or prior
  • The supplier must provide professional equipment (computer, microphone, camera, etc.) for
    content creation.
  • A coordinating meeting will be held with the selected supplier, where the final details and any
    adaptations are agreed upon in more detail.
  • The supplier is committed to an iterative process with continuous quality assurance based on
    feedback and possibly adjustment based on evaluations.

Please note that it is not possible to become a supplier to TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub if you are a
current or former participant in TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub.

2. Offer specification

The offer must be sent to and include CVR no. The offer must be dated and signed.

The offer to TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub should amount to approx. 2-5 pages and specify:

  • Price for performing the entire task. The price must be all-inclusive, as there will be no possibility of
    reimbursing expenses outside of the delivery.
  • Contact person(s) regarding the course. Name, organisation and e-mail address should be specified
  • Description of the contact person(s) who will carry out the task.
  • Confirm whether the supplier wants to let the offer apply to later processes, even if you do not
    initially win the task. This can come into effect, among other things, if the project assesses that
    there is a need for more suppliers to solve the task nationally or several processes. The task and
    offer price must be unchanged.

The total budget for the task is up to DKK 116.000 DKK excl. VAT. And must include budget lines for creation
of material, as well as production costs. The two will be invoiced separately. Furthermore, The
European-Ukrainian Hub has a budget of 54.000 DKK to spend on direct advertising (bloggers, digital ads,

The payment is due 30 days after the end of the project period, but can be split into smaller pieces. This will
be agreed.

In the selection phase, an assessment is made of the individual tenderer's general suitability in relation to
the requested task. The assessment is made on the basis of the evaluation criteria below.

The evaluation criteria and their weighting are as follows:

  • Price: 20%

The tenderer is asked to specify the price based on:

  • Organisation/preparation (incl. coordination with TEUH - The European-Ukrainian Hub) and
    development of content plan.
  • Cost of material.
  • External costs associated with settlement (e.g. transport, diets, overnight stays, printing etc.).
  • Quality: 80%

Quality is assessed based on the following 2 criteria, of which the overall offer must give a clear picture:

  • Experience and skills in relation to content creation.
  • Understanding of and experience with the course's target group.

IVÆKST ApS reserves the right not to choose one of the offers received if no offer is deemed to be able to
perform the task satisfactorily. In that case, the project assesses whether the task is advertised again or not
carried out.

Sidst opdateret: 12-02-2024


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